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The Michael J. Novosel Foundation was established to assist National Guard and reservists with the challenges of transitioning from
service in Iraq and Afghanistan to civilian lives. We are wholly devoted to our warriors’ disposition and well-being. Our goal and our pledge is that no soldier be forgotten, no troop marginalized, and no warrior left behind.

The foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), volunteer-based organization wholly funded by donations. There are no administrative costs; 100% of all contributions go directly to the needs of the soldiers. For more information, see our about page, or contact director, George Metz.

George Metz
Foundation Director

News and Upcoming Events

Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser: September 21, 2013

Our annual Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser is back again at Castlewood Rod & Gun Club in Ellwood City, PA! We are looking for shooters and sponsorship. For further details, see our

Press Release: May 22, 2012

The Michael J. Novolsel Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 charity has been severely disadvantaged in its ability to raise funds by recent changes in state law regulating small games of chance such as 50/50 raffles.

All proceeds raised by the Novosel Foundation go directly- dollar for dollar -to the needs of Guard and Reservists returning to their communities from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. However well intentioned the legislative intent, compliance with the recently enacted changes is not merely overly burdensome, required information is not readily available or non-existant. Due to these restrictions it is impossible for this organization and others to conduct an element of generating resources to continue providing necessary assistance to their beneficiaries.

George Metz, Director of the Novosel Foundation is hoping that the Governor and members of the State House and Senate will promptly consider making changes to this statute. The Novosel Foundation, a non profit organization in which 100% of the monies raised goes directly to assisting Iraq and Afghan veterans should not be thwarted in its ability to do so. For additional information please contact George Metz at 412-266-8823.